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The Name: Христос Воскресe! (Christos Voskrese!) is joyfully sung every year at Orthodox Christian churches the world over, during Pascha, the Feast of the Resurrection. It means “Christ is Risen!” in the Slavonic language used by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Site: Updated as new topics arise, typically on a Sunday afternoon, with a new essay on some aspect of the Orthodox faith. The URL, ICXC, is found on many Orthodox crosses and icons, and is short for “IesouS CHristoS,” or “Jesus Christ” in Greek. Questions and comments are always appreciated, as are suggestions for upcoming topics.

The Icons: In the header of the page are several Orthodox iconic images, arranged in the traditional order in which they would be seen in an Orthodox church. In the center is a seraph, representing the Royal Doors and the sacred presence of God in heaven. To its right is an icon of Christ as Pantokrator, or Teacher. Following that is an icon of the Archangel Gabriel, Messenger of God, holding his traditional orb and staff. Following him is St. Seraphim, the Wonderworker of Sarov. To the seraph’s left is an icon of the Theotokos, Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, in the “tender mercy” attitude. Following her is the Archangel Michael, the Archistratege. Finally, the last icon on the left is of St. George, the Holy Greatmartyr.

The Mission: To spread the Good News of Christ in all its richness and completion by engaging in thoughtful dialogue and contemplation of the True Faith in a fresh, informative manner.

The Author: Seraphim is the Church name of Roberto Valenzuela, a member of the Orthodox Church and convert from fundamentalist Protestantism. He has a strong interest in liturgics, patristics, and theology in general. His favourite theologian is St. Isaac of Syria. His favourite work of fiction is The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. His favourite work of nonfiction is the dual-language KJV/Reina Valera Bible. His favourite poem is Psalm 103. His favourite book of Scripture is the Gospel of John. His patron saint is our venerable and blessed father Seraphim, Wonderworker of Sarov.

The Faith: The Orthodox Church is the original Christian Church, with an unbroken liturgical and doctrinal tradition dating back to Pentecost in 33 A.D. It is the true New Testament Church, the fulness of “the Faith delivered once for all unto the saints.”

The Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, all doctrinal opinions advanced by myself, while my personal views, are in conformity with the official dogmatic teaching of the Orthodox Church. Any doctrinal or moral error on my part conclusively demonstrated as contrary thereunto will be officially and publicly (and gladly!) amended and retracted. In addition, all facts and conjectures set forth on this site are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Reported errors will be duly noted and amended as necessary. HOWEVER, while I do my best to remain in conformity with Orthodox dogma, I am in no way qualified as a minister, teacher, or authority within the Church. Anything written comes from my own personal reflections and should not be taken as sound spiritual counsel unless your own spiritual father or mentor expressly approves thereof. Whether or not what I say is true, don’t take my word for it.



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